Digital Piracy Madness

How does reality become stranger than fiction?  Gooders and government. One of the greatest failings of the statist mentality is the belief that society can be easily controlled.  Combine that flawed belief with the desire to correct every real and perceived wrong in the world, and you get a busybody government attempting to do exactly that.  Add in some real criminals, who will adapt to everything that government does, and you get a busybody government with an ever-growing nose stuck into (and messing up) everyone's business.  An entire library of rules and regulations strangling society, and all of them necessary and proper, no matter how tyrannical, intrusive, or poorly justified they really are. Copyright laws make a good case study for this ever growing tyranny.  Yes, tyranny.  What else would you call it when government ineffectively flexes its muscles, but effectively hinders liberty by doing it? On January 18, 2012, Wikipedia and several...(Read Full Article)