Covering Up Fast & Furiously

The Fast and Furious investigation in Congress is becoming even more fast and furious with Congressional Chairman Issa threatening a contempt citation against Attorney General Eric Holder. Last week's Friday document dump by the DoJ once again added to the widely held belief that that the AG and his minions are hiding something from Congress and the American people, but what? Each of these Friday dumps has so far provided mounting evidence that the highest echelons of federal government were clued in to this ill-fated, probably criminal endeavor from the get-go. But while we are learning more and more with each disclosure as to the how's and when's of this fiasco, we are still completely in the dark as to the why? Certainly, BATF and Justice have offered the rationale that this enterprise was designed to entrap the Mexican drug cartels by tracking weapons purchased in the U.S. to their criminal end users in Mexico. That would all sound quite plausible except for a key failing in the...(Read Full Article)