Catholics Need Not Apply?

Whether Rick Santorum survives the rest of the campaign or not, one fact has become abundantly clear: a presidential candidate may not display any degree of religious sincerity regarding the practice of his faith without a ferocious assault from the mainstream media and his opponents.  Perhaps lulled by the Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, Cuomo, or Sibelius types, the appearance of a candidate who actually follows the dictates of the faith scandalizes the press as an unacceptable secular blasphemy. Santorum has made the mistake of speaking unguardedly of good and evil, spiritual dimensions, and powers foreign to the cultivated minds of contemporary thinkers.  The press has leapt with delight into the breach, painting the former senator as a religious zealot and treating his ideas with undisguised contempt.  The resulting demonization of someone caught actually referring to demons in public would seem reasonable to a Torquemada. Not only is Santorum guilty of being rigid,...(Read Full Article)