Can Sanctions Change Iran's Mind?

As the U.S. and Europe belatedly ratchet up sanctions against Iran, some people cling to the hope that vigorous sanctions may yet force Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program.  Both America and the SC are pressuring Israel to give international sanctions more time to work before making a final decision to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. Some people have even cited the U.N.'s 1990-91 efforts to alter Iraq's actions as an example of a successful sanctions regime.  Indeed, one commentator recently asserted that those sanctions "brought Iraq to its knees and forced it to accept the provisions of [Security Council] Resolution 687 on April 6, 1991 -- just three days after they were passed."  Contrary to what some people now believe (or have forgotten), sanctions on Iraq proved to be an abject failure.  It is worth reviewing what actually happened once the U.N.-imposed that sanctions regime in order to apply those lessons to today's situation.  In August 1990,...(Read Full Article)