Barack Obama, in His Own Hand

Handwriting analysis may not be everyone's favorite analytical tool, but millennia of such exterior methods have yielded largely intriguing and historically valid conclusions or observations. With reference to the 44th president: if you did not already know of his enormous arrogance and cocksureness, the president's signature would shake you into that realization. His initial "B" and "O" are about six times the size of his following letters, a sign all by itself that his hubris is massive.  But his signature also reveals an unusual feature not often seen in regular folk: he encapsulates the "ba" in Obama inside the enormously inflated "O" of his last name.  Further, his idealism and egotism are announced by the elongated and extra-tall "b" of Obama.  This is a strong indication that he is above all self-protective and unlikely to admit wrongdoing or flaw.  He is guarded on all sides by his self-love and imperviousness to exterior assault. The straight up-and-down...(Read Full Article)