American Sniper

American Sniper, currently on the NY Times Bestseller list, is an action-packed book that reads like a political thriller.  Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in his autobiography allows Americans into his fighting world.  He takes the reader on a journey from being raised in Texas to becoming the most lethal sniper in American military history.  American Thinker was able to interview Kyle about his book. His story starts off in his native Texas, where he learned to proficiently shoot while on hunting trips with his father.  After touching on how he became a part of SEAL Team Three, Kyle jumps to combat during the Iraq War.  The author, as with other recent books, depicts the SEALs as highly competitive and as true patriots -- being a SEAL was more important than anything in the world, including family.  Unlike in other SEAL books, Kyle's wife, Taya, offers her observations on the difficulties imposed on spouses of those called to duty.  These passages do...(Read Full Article)