American Politics in One Easy Lesson

Michelle, a citizen of France, was visiting an acquaintance, Paul, in New York City.  Years ago Michelle's sister went to graduate school with Paul, and the three have kept in contact.  Michelle was able to spend all afternoon with Paul while she was in New York for business.  They were walking in Central Park, enjoying a beautiful, early spring day.  Michelle, anxious to learn more about America, asks Paul a question about American politics. As they sit down on a bench together, Michelle brushes back her hair, looks at Paul, and asks: "I have always been interested in government. What can you tell me about the government of America?" "Well," Paul answers, "it's like this. We have two big political parties, and the elections are always about their two views of society and the economy." "Yes?" Asks Michelle. "Can you tell me what those views are?" "Well," says Paul, "to put it briefly, one party, the Democrats, is interested in helping people, and the other party,...(Read Full Article)