All Hail Obama

The willingness of the White House to exceed the Constitutional powers of the President and assert authority beyond that directed in federal statutes is starting to show up more frequently.  In the past week on American Thinker, John F. DeLeo  documented President Obama's deliberate expansion of the United States' Export Import Bank to turn it into a lender competing with ordinary banks, rather than a prudent facilitator of American companies' ability to engage in foreign commerce.  Obama's willingness to take over companies and bully lenders into giving up their priority rights to be paid their capital back was evident at the beginning of his term, in the cases of the GM and Chrysler bailouts.  The other day, he moved unilaterally to change the defense capability of the nation by decreeing the destruction of hundreds of nuclear weapons to a level far below that the Senate authorized in a recent treaty with Russia.  Also Joe Newby of the Spokane Examiner...(Read Full Article)