A Real Person for President

I have recently been reading biographies of some of the Founders: Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, John and Samuel Adams, remarkable men who gave us an enduring gift.  Together they were an Atlas raising the world higher.  The title "The Greatest Generation" belongs to them.  The World War II generation (my father's) will have to accept an honorable and respectful second place. Yet the remarkable founders of our country were, like the rest of us, fallible human beings who made mistakes, errors of judgment, and sometimes had moral lapses. Their faults in no way negate their accomplishments.  To say no accomplishment is worthy due to lack of perfection would be to erase history. Were the Founders to participate in a modern political campaign, or a televised debate, we might be left with the same feelings we have about the current field of Republican candidates: alas, not a perfect one among them!  Especially if they had to field questions seemingly from King...(Read Full Article)