A Budget Rear-View Mirror

Now that Obama's last budget -- we hope -- is out, a mere week after the statutory deadline, the nation's budget experts are out in judgment.  But few of them look in the rear-view mirror.  How did the federal government's budget estimates compare with actual outcomes? Here in southern India, the usgovernmentspending.com team is resting at an eco-resort high up in the Western Ghats after the hectic process of updating the site in the lobby of an eco-hotel in Pondicherry with data from the new federal budget.  It's one of the miracles of the Internet that you can get budget data from gpoaccess.gov moments after the official release, load and test it on a prototype site -- complete with Apache, PHP, and MySql -- on a little netbook half way across the world, and then upload the massaged data back across the globe onto the powerful usgovernmentspending.com servers humming away at an undisclosed location in the United States. But our crack team still has time, in between...(Read Full Article)