Witch Hunt in the Heartland

The story that follows has taken place in and around Kansas City.  But it could have unfolded in any city in which a stealthily leftist publication has a near monopoly on the production and distribution of news -- in other words, just about every city in America.  "Monsignor backed the four altar boys up against the wall, "shoulder to shoulder." writes Judy Thomas of the Kansas City Star. "Then he forced them to perform sexual acts on each other and on him." "If you ever tell," the monsignor reportedly warned the boys, "you'll be kicked out of the Catholic Church, your parents will disown you, and you'll die and go to hell." So begins Thomas's ultra-Gothic, front-page series, "The Altar Boys' Secret," served up by the Star just in time for Christmas.  Although the Catholic League has accused Thomas of "anti-Catholic bigotry," the accusation is too narrow.  A local evangelical leader has more precisely identified the Star's larger goal, namely the "the destruction...(Read Full Article)