Will Obama Go to War?

As we enter 2012, the question of whether our president is planning to go to war might seem far-fetched.  After all, all reports indicate that Obama doesn't feel comfortable with the military.  Going to war would fly in the face of his claim that he was going to finally use "smart" diplomacy instead of the saber-rattling of George W. Bush.  Obama declared during the primary debates for the Democratic nomination that he would be glad to meet with any head of government without preconditions.  We can see that his policies and inclinations toward bilateral or multilateral negotiations to avoid conflict go back to at least 2007, well before he was elected. The only time he initiated military action was against Moammar Gaddafi in Libya, and then only after France and Britain led the way.  He chose to "lead from behind" in that dust-up. Yet suddenly, the Obama administration is talking tough about Iran.  Leon Panetta has spoken aloud the words "A nuclear...(Read Full Article)