Why the Left Fears You

Obama is a cuckoo's nestling, a little gift from the obsessively anti-American left, who has been dropped deceptively into our mainstream politics. Cuckoos are called "brood parasites" because they drop their eggs into strangers' nests, to leave the hard work of incubating and raising the young bird to a deceived mother bird.  Deception happens all the time in the animal kingdom, like all the times my cat fakes me out by mewing at the door, only to stand there and sniff the air when I get up and open up for her. Cuckoos have deception built into their genes. Obama is himself a grand deception. He used to look arrogant beyond belief, but now he's humble, wearing Jimmy Carter sweaters, sitting all alone in a baseball stadium munching a hot dog, and leaning back on his "family couch" next to Michelle, with the television cameras taking a narrow angle as if they're sitting crowded together in a double-wide trailer. (Like the rest of us). The only trouble with Obama's phony humility...(Read Full Article)