Why the Left Fears You

Obama is a cuckoo's nestling, a little gift from the obsessively anti-American left, who has been dropped deceptively into our mainstream politics. Cuckoos are called "brood parasites" because they drop their eggs into strangers' nests, to leave the hard work of incubating and raising the young bird to a deceived mother bird.  Deception happens all the time in the animal kingdom, like all the times my cat fakes me out by mewing at the door, only to stand there and sniff the air when I get up and open up for her. Cuckoos have deception built into their genes.

Obama is himself a grand deception. He used to look arrogant beyond belief, but now he's humble, wearing Jimmy Carter sweaters, sitting all alone in a baseball stadium munching a hot dog, and leaning back on his "family couch" next to Michelle, with the television cameras taking a narrow angle as if they're sitting crowded together in a double-wide trailer. (Like the rest of us).

The only trouble with Obama's phony humility is that narcissists like him rarely change. The Norwegians gave him a Nobel Peace Prize just for getting elected, but they should have given him an Academy Award.  This is world-class conmanship.  Behind the scenes he's more arrogant than ever.

Still, the hard left is very afraid, judging by their over-the-top hysteria and name-calling. It's fear that drives their rage, probably because they know what oddballs they are in America. They are afraid of you. They think you're the Joe McCarthy of their nightmares. They are scared by their own propaganda. Their fear of America explains a lot of their actions.

The hard left has tried to infiltrate mainstream American politics before, with some success. Harry Hopkins, FDR's famous right-hand man (it was all men in those days), is now known to have hopped into a car with Soviet agents every now and then, to get away from J. Edgar Hoover's microphones.  Senator Al Gore, Sr., was said to be Armand Hammer's wholly-owned US Senator from Tennessee, and Hammer was the George Soros of his time: The biggest oil-owning multi-millionaire in the country who also was amazingly warm pals with all the Soviet leaders from Lenin forward.  In 1948 Harry Truman barely beat a very pro-Soviet Henry Wallace for the presidential nomination. Had Wallace won, the Soviet Union might still be goose-stepping on the world stage today.

Still, Obama is the first real cuckoo nestling in the US presidency, not because of various mysteries about his birth and relationships (which are pretty well known to conservatives), but because he is ideologically foreign and instinctively anti-American -- as the word "American" has been understood since 1776.  This fact is either very "progressive" or it's a disaster. The Communist Party USA thinks it's terrific.

Which is why the left fears you. They are very, very insecure in their hold on power. Watch for the 2012 election to be unusually bloody, because the current political/media class is teetering. When the New York Times' staff goes into open revolt against their Crony Media Bosses you know there's turmoil in the ranks.

All of which means both a great crisis and a great opportunity for mainstream America. A second Obama term could flip the country leftward for years to come. Mark Steyn argues that a second term will implant the shark hook of ObamaCare firmly into the body politic, turning us into the United States of Europe. Europe has crippled its military to pay for the welfare state. Instead, they always expect us to defend them, as we have done for sixty years.

But if we go Eurosocialist, who will defend us? Nobody will.

The Trojan War was won by deception and infiltration, not outright war. The Bolshevik Revolution was won by infiltration and deception, when Kaiser Wilhelm's generals sent V.I. Lenin to Moscow to overthrow the social democrats. Hitler came close to conquering Britain, not by  Luftwaffe bombings, but by persuading King Edward VII to undermine the Churchill government so Edward could become Hitler's regent. The Soviets infiltrated British intelligence in the 1930s and never left.

Judging by the political power of radical Muslim billionaires in Europe and America, a lot of Gulf oil money may be going to leftist causes today.  Our campuses are too often dominated by Muslim student organizations. The oil sheikhs of the Gulf gave Al Gore an ecology prize a couple of years ago because they really want to support solar energy, you see? They don't want to sell all that oil and exercise all that political power in the West.

The radical left is certainly out of the closet. The simple fact that the Tea Party scares the Cronycrats is all we need to know. While the Old Media are a lost cause, the New Media are getting bigger and better. The only way to mobilize conservatives is through the New Media.

It's going to be a very close call.

What are you waiting for?

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