Why, Precisely, is America so Great?

The one thing that President Obama and all the GOP contenders for his job agree about is that America is the greatest country in the world.  They all use this line in every speech they make, and it always brings the crowd cheering to its feet.  But none of these politicians ever quite gets around to explaining precisely why we're the world's greatest country.  That's too bad, because it's a serious question that deserves a serious answer -- right now, before Republicans choose their candidate and before the voters make their choice in November. The key lies in understanding that "politics" isn't just about choosing one candidate or another, or even about choosing one party or another.  Politics is the relationship between the individual and the State.  And it is this relationship we humans have been struggling to get right for thousands of years.  We've tried everything -- kingdoms, empires, left-wing dictatorships, right-wing dictatorships, socialist...(Read Full Article)