Why America Hates Its Politicians So Much

Another State of the Union speech has come and gone.  These speeches are predictable, useless, boring, and purely political. Supporters of the party in power rave about matters such as "vision," "compassion," "fairness," and "the future."  Detractors focus more on reality -- the present and the distortions, contradictions, and, yes, outright lies contained in the message.  So it was with the recent SOTU by President Barack Obama. In the heated political divide, partisan supporters and detractors know no bounds in terms of their defense or attacks.  Party and politics, not truth, are what matters.  Both sides spin, distort, and lie in their efforts to gain advantage.  The spoils for the victor in politics have become so great as to trump integrity and other sacred values.  Truth is the biggest victim.  To practice truth in modern-day politics is verboten.  Loyalty to party and ideology trumps everything else.  Truth is a disqualifier in...(Read Full Article)