Whitewashing History for California's Kids

California's efforts to be inclusive in the classroom could spell disaster for education. A new law took effect January 1 requiring public schools to include the contributions of gays, lesbians, and transgendered individuals in its history lessons.  That alone is proving unpopular with some.  But the real issue is that the law also bans teaching material that reflects "adversely" on gays or religions. That sounds nice. However, in effect, what the law is actually doing is quashing free speech.  After all, what does it mean for 9/11?  Is the fact that the terrorists were radical Islamists off-limits in the classroom?  Will the speech police clamp down on any teacher who dares discuss the role religion played in the attacks? What about HIV?  Is it now illegal to teach in health class that it spread quite notably in the gay community?  After all, some people might think that that reflects adversely on gays. In addition to the free speech...(Read Full Article)