Vulture Capitalism

We've been hearing the term "vulture capitalism" tossed around a lot in the last few days with regard to the past business dealings of Mitt Romney with Bain Capital.  And much of the criticism has surprisingly been coming from those on the right who we had hoped would help further the cause of free market capitalism. Vultures are unsightly scavenger birds but they form a vital role in the eco-system just as "vulture capitalists" form a vital role in the free market economic system.  Both consume the dead or dying for personal gain. Most carnivores have no interest in feasting on smelly rotten carcasses that they find laying around.  Not only do they find it repulsive but the possibility of becoming deathly ill makes it not worth the risk of doing so.  Vultures and other scavengers have adapted to this risk though, and during the process of the scavenger being rewarded for that risk, the eco-system as a whole is in turn rewarded by having vital resources...(Read Full Article)