Welcome to the Plantation

Much has been written about the Democrat plantation.  On this Democrat plantation, it is said that today's American blacks are slaves to the Democratic Party, much as their ancestors were slaves to their antebellum plantation masters.  Then, as now, they were given scraps compared to their masters.  Then, as now, running away or any disobedience by an individual was severely punished.  Conservatives who have any exposure to "conservative" media are quick to point this out.  What they fail to realize is that they, too, are on a plantation.   "What?  Surely you must be kidding!  We conservatives are too smart for that."  Really?  Think about it.  Deep down inside you know it is true.  As I said before, any disobedience is severely punished.  Ask Sarah Palin.  She had the nerve to be an outsider who threatened the establishment.  Was she added to McCain's ticket as red meat to satiate the "God, guns, and...(Read Full Article)