Washington, Moscow, and the Invisible Tip of the Syrian Iceberg

The obvious truth is that Syria is in deep crisis.  What remains unclear is the vast area encompassing the answer to some important questions involving the regime that ruled Syria for decades.  For instance, what are its strengths (if any) and its weaknesses?  What about the background of the motivation and the actions of the international enemies and supporters of President Bashar Assad? Maybe today Syria would be a much quieter country if not for the events that took place on February 3, 1982.  It was at the early dawn when the Islamic fundamentalists, based in the city of Hama, proclaimed the outbreak of an open insurrection against the regime of President Hafez Assad, the father of the current Syrian leader.  By the end of that day, 90 activists of the ruling Baath Party were murdered. President Assad decided to take the matter into his own hands by ordering the tank and the artillery detachments of his Army to "pacify" the rebellious city.  This...(Read Full Article)