Victimology and the Phony 'Digital Divide'

Minorities don't have opportunities to benefit from technology, and it's racist to suggest otherwise.  That is the only lesson to be drawn from the racially charged tempest unleashed by the infamous Forbes article "If I Were a Poor Black Kid." The author, Gene Marks, made the point that if he were a poor black kid, he'd be using the internet to learn more and find job opportunities.  For suggesting that poor black youth have the power to improve their own lives, Marks was treated like a villain by many liberals for lacking "empathy," and worse.  Such is the wretched state of racial politics today. The criticisms of Marks's piece had two common themes: black kids are too poor to have computers or internet access, and Marks does not know what it's like to be black.  These criticisms are misguided for two reasons.  First, 78% of black youths (8-18 years old) have internet access in their home, according to a recent...(Read Full Article)