Unlimited Domestic Energy...Right Now

A rush of recent reports indicates that the explosion of non-conventional fossil fuel production continues to transform the world.  (Non-conventional fossil fuel production is the production of oil and natural gas by hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling.)  In fact, 2011 will mark a major turning point in energy production worldwide -- one with profound geopolitical consequences.   The first report is that Anadarko Petroleum has just raised its estimate for its Colorado Wattenberg field holdings.  Anadarko estimates that the field will yield more than one billion barrels of oil and national gas.  This would place it right up there with the now-legendary Bakken shale field (in North Dakota) and the Eagle Ford formation (in Texas).   Anadarko is now looking at expanding its operations into Wyoming.   The second story is that North Dakota hit a record high oil production in October of 488,000 barrels per day (bpd).  This was up 100,000 bpd (or...(Read Full Article)