Tim Tebow and the College Generation

One group of readers, viewers, and consumers of popular culture appears only rarely in the extensive media conversations about Tim Tebow: America's college students. Commentaries in international publications -- from "Tim Tebow Infiltrates Sport's Secular Cathedral" in the Jerusalem Post (Jan. 10) to "Tebow's Testimony" in Time magazine (Jan. 16) -- contribute to an emerging social allegory and reenact the biblical story of David and Goliath. There is no escaping "Tebow Mania," and it may be that if Tim Tebow didn't exist, we would create him.  Weary with foreclosures; joblessness; and violence in Egypt, Iran, Yemen, and elsewhere, America needs to celebrate the new year.  In "Why Tebow? Why Now?," Alicia Colon argues persuasively that the nation is overdue for a miracle -- or two. The former University of Florida quarterback represents many things to many people.  Evangelical Christians are drawn to Tebow's public celebration of his faith.  On blogs and websites,...(Read Full Article)