The Wives of Others: Covetousness and Social Liberalism

There was a time, before I was a Christian, when I met a young Midwestern blonde in college.  I spent my time between classes trying to get her attention, eventually getting her number and being invited to many of her parties.  But despite my concentrated efforts, there was always one thing which stood between us: she was married, to a marine who was on tour. At the time, it mattered little to me that she was taken, and perhaps even less that she was married.  And though I did not know the man (I cannot even remember his name), nor did I ever see his face, I was determined to take something precious from him without a moment's consideration of how he might be harmed.  I was determined to take his wife. I failed, of course, much to my present joy.  But what continues to disturb me so much about the event is how heartless I was -- how, in my spoiled, consumptive state, I was not content with the hundreds of other girls available at the college, but was more...(Read Full Article)