The Three Problems with Ron Paul

Ron Paul does not have the smile of Obama, the folksy likability of Romney or the carving wit of Gingrich.  In fact, Ron Paul looks (and sounds) nothing like a Washington elitist.  In our visual society we too often pick our politicians based on hair line and pearly whites and too seldom on the content of their character or value of their platform.  No one who sees Ron Paul on the street will note his stateliness, but he is noteworthy because he has always followed his conservative principals, and in the Land of Oz that certainly is rare. From a platform of reducing government spending (he promises to cut $1T from Federal spending in the first year) and ending the wars, Ron Paul seemingly labors through interviews and debates.  But this platform would appeal to almost all Republicans, almost all independents and a handful of Democrats if presented with more polish. In spite of this common sense approach, the party has not gathered behind Ron Paul.  The reason...(Read Full Article)