The Promise of ObamaCare: Hospice for the Healthy

I find it sadly illustrative of the liberal state of mind that liberals would see the death penalty forever banned for fear that one innocent person be executed, yet they enthusiastically support the concept of euthanasia, where there is a proven likelihood that a great number of people will die prematurely, and even unnecessarily. In Great Britain, where the medicine has been administered by the government for nearly three-quarters of a century, a pattern has emerged that should be troubling to even the most deadened senses of decency.  A recent audit by the Royal College of Physicians has revealed that in one hospital group alone, more than 50% of the patients who were put on a palliative care protocol known as the "Liverpool Care Pathway" (LCP) have had those decisions made solely by the attending physicians, without consult or notification of the patients family.  In another group of hospitals, only 1 in 3 were informed of the life-ending decision. The LCP is...(Read Full Article)