The Phony Saints of Liberal Land

I don't know any conservatives who think they are saints.  Funny thing -- I know lots of liberals who just know with absolute certainty that they are holier than thou.  (This means thou, buddy!)  Since they are saints, those who disagree with them have to be...yes, that's right. I know rad-liberals who run a small college that keeps firing its faculty employees, over and over again.  For very saintly reasons, of course.  Every rad-liberal in the place is passionately pro-union, except for their own little Empire of Good People, which is allowed to breach employment contracts and fire people at will.  Because they are Good People. I know saintly liberal Christians who get mighty nasty in church politics, and saintly liberal Jews who can't seem to keep charitable boards from falling apart.  All that sainthood, nobody ever questions it (you don't question a liberal, or watch out!), and they can't get along with each other. Liberals voted for Obama --...(Read Full Article)