The Phony Saints of Liberal Land

I don't know any conservatives who think they are saints.  Funny thing -- I know lots of liberals who just know with absolute certainty that they are holier than thou.  (This means thou, buddy!)  Since they are saints, those who disagree with them have to be...yes, that's right.

I know rad-liberals who run a small college that keeps firing its faculty employees, over and over again.  For very saintly reasons, of course.  Every rad-liberal in the place is passionately pro-union, except for their own little Empire of Good People, which is allowed to breach employment contracts and fire people at will.  Because they are Good People.

I know saintly liberal Christians who get mighty nasty in church politics, and saintly liberal Jews who can't seem to keep charitable boards from falling apart.  All that sainthood, nobody ever questions it (you don't question a liberal, or watch out!), and they can't get along with each other.

Liberals voted for Obama -- not because they knew anything about him (they still don't), but because they thought America needed a good whuppin' for its misbehavior.

That's why they will vote for Obama again.  They don't even like him anymore, but they have a common enemy (us).  I'm sure Saul Alinsky thought he was some kind of saint, along with his good friends in the mafia.  It's that ole sainthood of the Morally Superior left.

Aldous Huxley wrote penetrating novels about the delusional pride of would-be saints in Catholic history.  Both Huxley's Grey Eminence and Witches of Loudun are fabulous novels on that topic.

Grey Eminence is about Father Joseph, a self-punishing priest who literally walked barefoot on the muddy and freezing roads from one European capital to the next in the 1600s, acting as Cardinal Richelieu's chief diplomat.  Father Joseph was convinced that stirring up war between France and its neighbors was the saintly thing to do, because France was obviously destined to bring about peace on earth in Europe.


It's a great book because it's so relevant.

Self-deluded saints are all over the place.  Ayatollah Khomeini no doubt believed he was a saint for Allah, and so does his disciple, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the one who's pushing seventy million people in Iran toward nukes even now.

Obama thinks he is doing everybody a favor by allowing himself to be elected president of the despicable United States.  That's why he honestly can't figure out that he's made any mistakes; he's the fourth-best president ever, and that's his humble side talking.

This is a deep, deep delusional system.

Traditional Judaism and Christianity rarely believe in saints.  They see too much of the phony kind.  In the Catholic Church you have to die first to be considered for beatification.  Judaism doesn't even have a place for saints.  Judaism and Christianity recognize "the righteous" instead, but righteous people never boast about their moral superiority.

Self-proclaimed saints never make it in traditional religions --  sorry about that, liberals.  It's only secular liberals who get suckered by messianic pretenders like Obama.  Jim Jones built up his suicidal cult in San Francisco.  (Does that tell you anything?)

When militant liberals stop screaming at Governor Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, I'll bet they just go back to thinking they are saints.  The presidential assassins of history are often would-be saints.  They don't see a contradiction between their personal sainthood and killing people.

"It's too bad to kill off the bad people, but somebody's got to do it."

With one-half of their brains, liberals are convinced they are peaceful, loving, and harmless folk, while the other half is seething with anger, rage, and envy.  In fact, scapegoating and lynch-mobbing are what they do naturally.  We just saw it with the Occu mobs, with all the top Demagogues telling the world how good and saintly those pooping morons of Wall Street really were.  Then the New York Sanitation Dept. crews -- mostly Hispanics and blacks --  had to clean up the tons of poop.

I'm afraid we will see a lot of the Occu mobs in the election of 2012, because the left has set them up for a reason.

Look at the Demagogue Party. Look at Obama and Hillary.  They are classical mob leaders, but I'm pretty sure they think they're saints in their own minds.  Hillary suffered for Bill's sins, after all.

Saints can burn heretics with real reluctance -- but if they have to destroy you as a racist, a bimbo, a woman-hater, or a gay-basher, they will do it.  Because you deserve it, don't you see?

They care about you.

It's all for the greater good.

The next time some green fanatic asks you for money, you might ask him about his saintliness on a scale from 1 to 10.  But don't use words like "saint."  Just ask the guy if he is a really good person, and watch him blush, because that's what he really thinks.

They used to be Hare Krishna dancers.  Today they're begging money for Greenpeace.  Same delusions, different outfits.

It's easy to tell the phony saints.

Phony saints are the ones who tell the world how good they are.

Real saints just do things.

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