The Myth of Bad Republican Candidates

Repeat a big Democrat talking point often enough, and it becomes the truth.  There is a certain liberal narrative that has recently filtered down to many independents and even some conservatives: the idea that the current crop of Republican candidates is weak, wanting, and worrisome.  The lament is, "Hell's bells, the guy in the White House is out of his depth, but what alternatives does the GOP offer?"  The idea, I suppose, is that we might as well just re-elect Barack Obama.  At least he has four years of golfing, government-growing, and greenback-gobbling experience.  This characterization of the Republican field much reminds me of the gratuitous criticism of the U.S. by the hate-America-first crowd.  Okay, you say America is a bad country.  Compared to what?  Some imaginary Utopia that will never exist?  Because in the real world, the U.S. has been besting her competition for a long time. Many repeat the statist talking point about the...(Read Full Article)