The GOP Must Be on the Attack

Many in the media and all of the Democratic punditry salivate at the concept of the Tea Party picking the GOP nominee.  The groupthink/convention wisdom is that a Tea Party-ordained nominee is akin to picking Sharon Angle in Nevada or Christine O'Donnell in Delaware.  Of course it's not, but no sense in letting them in on that. Let the left think that the Tea Party is "dying out" (Harry Reid) or that the nominating process is a "disaster" (James Carville).  These are the same sort of comments made about conservative GOP candidates or platforms prior to 1980, 1994, and, most recently, 2010. The clear analysis is actually that when the left gets this loud, this angry and hateful, this emotional, and this certain, it is because the left is running scared.  It ought to be.  Any attempt at sober analysis cannot come to a conclusion that "Occupy" is an important and influential movement and that the "Tea Party" is a dead soldier in the battle for hearts and minds....(Read Full Article)