The Difference between Planning and Social Engineering

Planning: About ten miles beyond the Libertyville city limit is a farm owned by Grandpa Jones.  The farm has been in the Jones family for three generations, but now all the Jones kids are grown and have moved away.  Grandpa Jones has decided to sell his 1,600-acre farm and retire.  He made a deal with ABC Developers to sell the farm for $1.6 million, subject to approval of ABC's subdivision plan by the Planning Commission. ABC presented the plan for "Pleasant Acres" to the Planning Commission.  It proposed changing the zoning of 1,400 acres from agriculture to residential, and 200 acres to commercial.  It dedicated 100 acres to the county school board, which would be held for ten years for the school board to purchase at the same price ABC originally paid for the property.  It proposed a final build-out of 3,250 homes (2.5 homes per acre).  It proposed a shopping center for the 200 acres zoned commercial. The Planning Commission met and...(Read Full Article)