The Democratic Party's War on Transportation

We think of the world of transportation -- especially trucking and  automobile manufacturing -- as being one of the most fundamental of Democratic Party constituencies.  Detroit has long been a party stronghold, with the UAW and Teamsters among Democrats' most powerful union supporters.  From the worker at the DMV to the driver he licenses, this is one solid chain of Democrats. But is this political loyalty deserved today, if indeed it ever was?  Since the Democratic Party was taken over by environmental extremists a generation ago, there has been a marked shift from the pro-driver, pro-automaker party of Detroit to the anti-car, anti-truck, anti-transport party of today.  One can be forgiven for thinking that the donkey is their mascot, because the donkey is the only form of transportation they might approve of nowadays.  It's hard to imagine anyone in the transportation field being so self-destructive as to vote Democrat today, and yet, many still...(Read Full Article)