The Company Men

A terrific 2010 movie that examines the heartbreak caused by corporate downsizing has come to cable TV.  The Company Men follows the lives of three executives fired by a conglomerate trying to prop up its stock price and fend off a leveraged buyout.  If you care about the future of American business in the brave new world of globalism, this movie is for you. Set in the present, the main focus of The Company Men is on the personal adjustments each exec must make in coping with the loss of a job.  The film treats personal bankruptcy, foreclosure, and even the loss of a beloved sports car.  The Company Men is that rarest of movies -- it's for grownups.  It touches on even morality, of all things. One of the reasons I'm pointing you to this flick is because I fear that many Americans still haven't come to grips with what recent events mean for them.  Folks are in denial about debt, be it personal, corporate, or government.  The loss of a job wouldn't be...(Read Full Article)