The Case against Presidential Primaries

Elections are sometimes called celebrations of democracy, but the 2012 election, especially for many Republicans, is hardly a joyous occasion.  Three things in particular seem disturbing. First, the campaign seems far, far too long.  It began over a year before the actual voting, and fatigue has already set in. Second, the contest has become hugely expensive, costing tens of millions even before the two-candidate race begins. Lastly, and particularly for Republicans (and perhaps many independents), the current candidate menu is not especially appetizing.  Sort of like a vegan being stuck in a steak house searching for something minimally edible.  Dissatisfaction is not limited to the GOP this year.  Even some Democrats are beginning to question the Obama/Clinton choice in 2008.   Why the unhappiness, and, more importantly, can it be avoided in 2016?  The explanation of the malaise is simple: the current presidential primary system.  Abolish...(Read Full Article)