The Big Switch

Now that the 2008 idea to "make history by voting for the first African-American president" is yesterday's news, what will be done to spice up the current election season?  Two more white guys running on the Republican side?  Not a chance.  But a woman as a running mate for the Democrats?  Now, that could do it.  And not just any woman, but the woman who was left high and dry the last time around.  The woman currently ranked more popular than Oprah.  Yes, a "reluctant," hope-we-can-convince-her Hillary Clinton. And, best of all, having Hillary replace Joe Biden on the ticket would be the perfect way for a do-over, a way for voters to atone, to collectively tell Hillary: "We're sorry!"  Many are regretting that Hillary didn't get the nod for the top spot four years back.  Now they'll be perfectly willing to enhance their race-oriented vote of 2008 with a gender-targeted one in 2012, even if it does mean resigning Mrs. Clinton to second...(Read Full Article)