Team Obama and the Voters

Does anyone actually think that the president of the United States is master of every detail related to every department in the executive branch?  The obvious answer is "Of course not."  We expect the president, upon assuming office, to hire people who are far more knowledgeable than he or she is in a host of areas.  We certainly wouldn't expect the president to have the same level of expertise in medicine as the person he or she selects as the surgeon general, would we? The question to be answered is then: this year, on November 6, will we be voting for a chief executive, or will we, in fact, be voting for an entire administration? Logic indicates that, in fact, we will be voting for an entire administration, but unfortunately for us as a nation, we get to see only the public face of that administration, the presidential candidate himself, before that administration goes to work on January 21, 2013. The dangers inherent in this situation are self-evident in the Obama...(Read Full Article)