Takers Taking Over

In case anyone hasn't noticed it yet, Europe is in crisis.  Faced with violent protests and general strikes, European politicians seem unwilling to take the necessary steps of structural reform that would save their economies.  With rigid labor laws, bloated government workforces, declining birthrates, and universal welfare schemes, Eurozone economies have experienced subpar performance for decades and are now sliding into recession once again.  The model of the European-style welfare state simply does not work. Unfortunately, when the percentage of those receiving government aid exceeds 50%, it is difficult to cut benefits.  The threat of cutbacks in Greece has brought chaos to that country.  The sight of thousands of left-wing thugs, marching in close ranks and armed with large batons and Molotov cocktails, is now a common one in central Athens.  These blackshirted youths form a paramilitary force of a sort that has appeared in other European nations as...(Read Full Article)