Strait of Hormuz in Greater Context

In 2011 Congress pressured the Obama administration to take a tougher stance on Iran than President Obama has been willing, this time against Iran's Central Bank. Publicly Iran remains defiant and claims that sanctions will have no effect. Privately, however, the regime is panicked and has mobilized its lobbyists and apologists to persuade the international community to delay implementation of the sanctions claiming the restrictions will hurt diplomatic attempts to engage Iran.  We must see through the IRI and its lobbyist' propaganda. For the past 33 years, the ideologically-driven regime has violated every international norm.  From storming of the US embassy and taking American hostages, mass executions and assassinations of Iranian opposition groups, bombing of synagogues and embassies, funding of terrorist groups, involvement in 9/11, and plot to assassinate a foreign diplomat, arrests, torture, rape, and the execution of peaceful demonstrators, to the pursuit of nuclear...(Read Full Article)