Romney Denialists

Though I have yet to read anything on the Internet that caused me literally to bash my laptop computer into the nearest available hard surface, comments like this, in the comments section of a popular conservative website, come pretty close: Oh no we won't.  The GOP has been forcing us to choose their candidates.  No thank you. As most of you reading this probably have already guessed, the "oh no he won't" the commenter is vowing is that he won't unite behind Mitt Romney should the ex-gov of Mass win the GOP nomination. Well, let me be the first to break the news to Mr. Oh-No-I-Wouldn't:  Oh, yes, you will.  You may say you won't, you may even think it.  But when the bell tolls midnight on November 5 and the Ghost of America in Decline Future forces you to confront the prospect of four more years of Barack Obama, the nanosecond dawn breaks on the 6th, you will propel yourself from your bed like the proverbial bat out of hell and pull the "R" lever - yes -...(Read Full Article)