Refocus: It's Obama

The best description yet of Mitt Romney was just penned by Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online.  Goldberg fancies Romney as "a super-helpful manager at a rental car company."  That's on the order of Alice Roosevelt Longworth (Teddy's daughter)'s withering depiction of Thomas E. Dewey (failed GOP presidential nominee in '44 and '48, and Romney's political establishment ancestor) as "The Little Man on the Wedding Cake."  Goldberg was being descriptive, not demeaning like the acid-tongued Alice.  Yet for past and present business travelers, particularly, the connection between Romney and the vacuously smilin', very accommodating rental car manager resonates.    Image-wise, grassroots conservatives would prefer a GOP presidential nominee to be a white-hat cowboy on a horse riding the range (remember Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan?), rather than a guy in an emerald-green sleeveless sweater and tan pants scooting around a rental car lot...(Read Full Article)