President Obama's Civilian Soldiers

Everybody is outraged and disgusted by our divisive politics, from Jewish bubbies in Florida to AT's own Rick Moran.  The rest of us just think that President Obama is incompetent.  "Obama doesn't have the experience, character, or personality to be president. To put it flatly: he's in over his head."  That's Barry Rubin. And if he's not incompetent he is polarizing, writes Peter Wehner.  And that from the candidate whose "core claim" wasn't simply that he would heal the planet; he would also heal the nation's political breach. He would elevate the national debate. Reason would prevail over emotion...  Obama would "turn the page" on the "old politics" of division and anger. Sorry to disagree, but I am not disgusted.  I don't believe that the president is incompetent.  And I don't believe he has reneged on his promise of bringing us together.  To me, everything about President Obama makes sense. First of all, the division.  Our national...(Read Full Article)