Obama's Political Ploys Could Backfire

Barack Obama is taking a bigger risk than he realizes, testing the limits of the American electorate's patience with his insultingly manipulative political strategies.  He is playing with fire. The president's campaign strategy is to distract attention from his record of failure by attacking a do-nothing Congress.  He has pointed his finger (yet again) at Republicans for putting the interests of the rich one percent over the welfare of the rest.  President Obama has used this bogeyman to justify actions that, had a Republican taken them, would be bandied about the media as grounds for impeachment. While these steps may fire up his base and win applause from certain quarters, they also bear grave political risks for the president.  They may also ignite a backlash that will shellac him come November. After three years of President Obama's term, Americans have become wary of his Cook County style of governing.  When Congress was in Democratic hands, he was...(Read Full Article)