Obama and the Will of Allah

Much of the reasoning that Neville Chamberlain used to arrive at his policy for dealing with the Third Reich is eerily similar to the Obama administration's reasoning about Islamism. No, Islamism is not Nazism.  Islamism is the belief in the religious and cultural superiority of Islam, and Nazism is the belief in the racial and cultural superiority of Aryans.  Both believe in the right of domination.  The parallel between Islamism and Nazism unfortunately fails in another important respect: Islamism is a hydra-headed monster.  Islamism has no identifiable or centralized leadership like Hitler and the Nazi Party for Nazism. The unfortunate aspect of a lack of a centralized and locatable center of Islamism is that Islamism does not present a consistent geographic or leadership target.  The Islamic world is a Petri dish for Islamists and Islamism. Are they equally threatening?  Certainly not, militarily.  That is not the point here.  The point here...(Read Full Article)