Obama: America's Greatest Asset

The future of America depends on electing a new president in 2012, and the best asset for any potential challenger is Barack Obama.  His obtuse sense of self-worth will be a shrewd candidate's greatest advantage.  Obama believes that he is a spectacular success, almost godlike in his judgment.  All his policies are not only correct, but manifestations of the transcendent, prescient leader he knows himself to be.  He will run, fast and furious, from his record -- but not because it shows him to be less than the greatest leader ever, except for possibly Johnson, FDR, and Lincoln...and even then, only "possibly."  As a people, we simply do not have the intelligence to understand the brilliance of his ways and the nuance of his success or how lucky we are to have him.  Perhaps we are too soft and lazy; perhaps we've reached the point where we've made enough money or are clinging too bitterly to our guns and religion, fearful of a man who looks different from...(Read Full Article)