Not Newt, Rick

The guy who apologized for criticizing Paul Ryan's Entitlement Reform Plan as right-wing social engineering is now heavily supporting Medicare in the Sunshine State, which is home for many seniors. Voters across the country who wonder about Newt's questionable past have received replies from Newt and his supporters to look past those negatives since they have already been repented for, apologized for, or flipped on.  Focus should therefore be given only to his current conservative talk and the cherry-picked positive aspects of his past. Teaming up with even one liberal in order to promote a single aspect of liberalism is usually reason enough for conservatives to dump and despise a candidate.  And Newt has palled around with, teamed up with, and praised the vile Al Sharpton as one who "did a lot of good things" despite Sharpton having organized riots which resulted in the deaths of at least a dozen innocent individuals.  And Newt's chummy behavior with a liberal like Al...(Read Full Article)