Newt's Third Law

Isaac Newton's Third Law is familiar to most of us. Simply put: " To every action there is an  equal and opposite reaction." This week Newt Gingrich showed that the laws of motion are equally applicable to media manipulation to favor Obama or any other Democrat candidate for office. Push him and he'll push right back. The hint that public sentiment was shifting away from reliance on big government (and those that promoted it) came earlier in the week  when Gallup produced a poll showing that American's "satisfaction with the size and power of the federal government is at a record low 29%. Gallup indicated that this made big government  a "highly susceptible " target for politicians this year.  How does this fit into the Third Law of Motion? Simple. The dip in public faith in government I think began when the Democrats instituted the (now risible) charge that Bush's administration was a "culture of corruption."   When it became clear to all but the most...(Read Full Article)