Newt's Open Marriage With Conservatives

Newt Gingrich's marital shipwrecks are old news. But his second ex-wife,  Marianne, revealed a new insight into Newt's definition of fidelity.  Her claim that Newt asked for an "open marriage" explains his fatal character flaw spilling over from his private life into the public arena, spelling doom for Republicans in 2012. Newt wants conservatives to honor marriage vows with him, while he is free to carry on multiple love affairs with liberal progressives and Democrats. Newt's defenders easily recall the legislative triumphs as Republican House Speaker underpinning his conservative bona fides.  Contract With America, Balanced Budget, Tax Cuts, Welfare Reform. Even the inestimable Thomas Sowell has endorsed him. Yet, how can one dismiss his serial infidelities against monogamous conservatives? His coziness with then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2008 on climate change and cap-and-trade and his ongoing infatuation with ethanol subsidies are but the most egregious...(Read Full Article)