Newt and the '10 PM Question'

It's 10 pm.  It's Martin Luther King Day.  You're in the South.  A packed auditorium is deathly quiet.  A large national TV audience is watching.  The electoral stakes are sky-high.  You are sweating on behalf of your favorite candidate.  Then an African-American journalist calls your guy's name -- and asks a racially tinged "gotcha" question.  OH NO!  Hit the mute button.  Take a beer break.  I can't bear to watch!  Why do we let liberals moderate our debates?! So it's not exactly "the 3 am phone call" from the 2008 race.  No, it's scarier than that.  It's the "10 pm question."  And you can bet your bottom dollar it's coming to a general election debate near you.  You have to know it is.  So the question the Republicans need to ask themselves is this: whom do you trust to handle "the 10 pm question"? And let's be honest.  We absolutely cringe at the thought of most of our candidates -- past...(Read Full Article)