New TV Show Idea: All-American Christian

I have a great idea!  How about a TV show titled "All-American Christian"?  Christians have been getting a bum rap in cinema and the mainstream media for quite a while.  In a spirit of fairness, compassion, and tolerance, a TV show promoting Christianity is simply the right thing to do.  After all, the last thing we need is Christian-phobic Americans. We must educate Americans to realize that Christianity is a religion of peace.  Christians are not anti-American.  The TV show will confirm that Christians are not very different from you and me, and they're just as patriotic.  Also, Christians would never attempt to force Biblical law down our throats. Now, where can I find fair-minded, tolerant, and compassionate celebrities who will enthusiastically support and speak in defense of the show?  I know!  Russell Simmons, Bill Maher, and Rosie O'Donnell are a good start.  These guys are all about fairness, tolerance, and compassion....(Read Full Article)