Mitt's Game

One factor that's gone unmentioned as regards Mitt Romney's primary campaign is his status as the sole candidate who displays any grasp of electoral strategy. This is surprising on the face of it.  Certainly career politicians such as Santorum and Huntsman should possess some knowledge of strategy and the aptitude to utilize it, while Newt Gingrich has based his entire public persona on his grasp of strategic thinking, not only as regards politics, but on the more rarified social and historical levels as well.  And yet none of Romney's opponents have revealed any sign whatsoever of a strategic sensibility. Santorum's "strategy" was pedestrian at best, limited to visiting every last county (no fewer than 99 of them!) in Iowa.  Huntsman seems to have operated according to the customary GOP moderate delusion that all he needed to do was show up for people to vote for him.  As for Newt....well, bouncing from one level of hysteria to the next can't be said to be a...(Read Full Article)